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Banasiewicz Company
Slauter and Sale of Poultry Company has existed since 1991. The head office is at 45 Szczytniki which is situated in the Land County of Kalisz in the Province of Wielkopolska. The slaughterhouse has been extended since 2000 in order to develop further production and adapt to the requirements and standards of the European Union. The expansion has been carried out by means of financial help from SAPARD resources.

The main activity of the company:
cutting up
sale of manufactured goods

The company buys the poultry for slaughter from breeders who enter into contracts for one or several - year period. After many years of functioning we have a stable group of breeders what guarantees steady and continuous production. We also possess our own means of transport which enables fast delivery of products to individual consumers.

The aim of the company:
Fulfilling of our customers' needs and demands in the field of health safety and providing the best quality of our products is the superior aim of our company. We achieve this goal through a suitable organizational structure and full realization of good production and hygiene rules as well as introducing systems of analyzing of risks and crisis points - HACCAP as basic tools of health safety. Both the company owner and all the employees know and introduce these aims to provide the best quality of products.

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